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before i start with my rant at the education system i want you to note two things
1) i go to school of a developing country
2)i am a teenager
    the worst thing in my school is *purposelessness of it* sheeer idiocity of the creation of an institution which not makes the education aboring thing but also an unreachable success leadind to the evolution of socilal crimes-smoking ,drug adddiction name it man!the irony is that just that kind of institution is ca;lled an *educational* institution where one is supposed to waste his youth acquiring education.

thats just perfect!
basic human instincts are apowerful thing.they have broken the bounds of culture,time ...whatsoever.the protective instinct, selfishness,love for money and beauty,for example. *-big car,pretty wife,cute kids, big house-typical american lifestyle.they may change in different spheres of time and for different cultures,but the craze for  best always remains constant... starting from kindergarten  to death bed.
whats interesting is the fact that nothing such as *perfection*exists! not atleast on this planet with these instincts.there is nothing as complete misery and complete bliss...always in life both shall accompany the  other, ruining the effect of the opposite.thatswhat the modern human psychologists have to say today.with tons of research backing them up...
this is to say that most longed and desired moment of  your life will reallly not make you as happy as u think it would.you will simply*adapt*to it.take my thesis and try on any human.it wont disappoint.
this theory leads to certain unanswered questions
1)whats the point of doing good and refraing from bad if the reward is so incomplete?
2)the beauty of human imagination- its bounds and its variety (which can amaze any  other specie)....is it  all  just for nothing.
3)why even bother with life  if its all just a deceive?
certainly ,these questions lead us to one final answer that *there is world afterwards.a world where we shall have a perfect  reward or perfect  punishment.a world whose *perfection* shall be so perfect that we cant *adapt*to it.for eternity!

sometimes when i am gettting dead bored in the schoool,(which is quite often) thanks to the poor education system in developing countries,i tell myself that it is *my*  time....no second thoughts...no excuses...
.Since the introduction of human race on this planet, millions were born,each of them with thier own ambitions,own interests,own treacheries, own complexes,each of them thought that the world circles around them and that the world might cease with the end of their existence(if  they ever  thought about death).but then what happened ?they did their deeds ,had their time to kill,till it eventually killed them ...as Shakespeare had to say..",
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.
if only  shekespeare have wot i hv rayyt now *time*....he wud hv made some other differences in the world its not only him....each one of us can...So live in your time...each moment of it...try to find new possibilities ,dimensions n ambitions..make the most of ur time...after all thats our only investment that really matters!


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